H2P computing resource tutorial notes

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Useful commands


ssh kbs37@h2p.crc.pitt.edu

ssh kbs37@login0.crc.pitt.edu : Login to login0 node

Cluster info

sinfo : Node availability information

crc-sinfo.py : Prints sinfo for all clusters

scontrol show partition smp : Get detailed information about clusters (such as min node etc.)


squeue : Print running jobs

crc-squeue.py : Print running jobs for user

crc-sus.py cwilmer : Total hours for cwilmer

crc-usage.pl cwilmer : Total usage for cwilmer

crc-interactive.py -s : Enter compute node


module list : List all loaded modules

module save <module_name> : save module to collections under module_name

module spider : List all modules

module spider <module_name> : Get info about given module

How to run jobs

/ihome/crc/how_to_run/ : sbatch files for different modules

Running on scratch make file IO operations much faster. To copy all files in case job files trap command can be used. An example is given in /ihome/crc/how_to_run/cp2k.

http://jupyterhub.crc.pitt.edu/hub/login : jupyter notebooks running on compute nodes




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